Love, Sex and Mindfulness


I lead a workshop called Love, Sex and Mindfulness. As a life coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, my work is primarily about helping people be in the present, and put their focus and awareness on what they’re feeling and experiencing in the “now,” which means in real time, the very moment that’s existing.

You might think that when it comes to love and sex, that’s where we are most present, but the truth is, those are the two areas where we can be fully present the least, even though we’re there physically. Just because we tell someone we love them, or offer our body sexually, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve let our complete guard down, or allowed ourselves to be penetrated more than just sexually. If you don’t show up to any act of intimacy with your mind fully focused on your partner with total awareness, and grounded with a clear intention as to why you’re with them romantically or sexually, then the “whole” you isn’t there, and whoever you’re with will feel it, whether they tell you or not.

Excerpt from Ora Nadrich’s article in the Huffington Post. Read more here.

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