Where humanity lives, terror dies

Syrian Refugees

Why the US should accept Syrian refugees.

As the holidays approach, we remember the simple joys of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Millions of Syrians are fleeing their war-torn country in hopes of finding refuge in Europe. Families are being torn apart, parents killed, children sold into slavery and boys forced to become ISIS soldiers- these are just a few examples of how ISIS uses terror as a tool.

The attacks in Paris have left the world in mourning. As the leader in providing humanitarian aid, the U.S. has agreed to allow Syrian refugees into the country. However, the nation is split. Currently, 31 states do not allow refugees within their borders, for fear of subjecting its citizens to terrorist attacks. If we want to continue to have faith in humanity we must first show compassion towards those who wish to be seen and live as humans.

Excerpt from Brittany Yadao’s article in Ka Leo- Read more.

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