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Discovering what the term ‘Mindfulness’ is all about

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Likely you’ve heard the term mindfulness being bandied about as if it’s the latest “fad”.
Thousands of studies from around the globe have shown mindfulness to be beneficial for everything from Anxiety to Alzheimer’s; for helping schoolchildren improve their concentration; prisoners with reducing aggression; partners with enhancing communication and empathy; workplaces for reducing burnout; leaders for developing greater responsiveness and creativity. A truly impressive list for something as simple as paying attention in the present moment!

Excerpt from Anie Chapman’s article in the Wanganui Chronicle- Read more.

Meditation, Stress and Being More Creative


Why bother with meditation? Aren’t we too busy trying to get stuff done?

“My morning meditation is like taking a shower for my brain.” Emily Fletcher

What do you think meditation is? Maybe a retreat into nature by yourself? That, of course, can be one form – and there are many others. But what value can it have?

(Excerpt from Douglas Eby’s article at Psych Central- read more)